Stellar Instruction from Asa at Burke mountain driving school.
Went from Learners to N License no problem after a dozen lessons i had tons of bad habits over a decade of having my L and not having a good instructor. Asa saved me here.

I cannot recommend Asa highly enough. I passed my N license test earlier today, and I’m still feeling the elation of that accomplishment. Asa, was truly instrumental in my success. He’s not just an instructor, he’s a guide, a mentor, and a confidence builder, all in one.

From the very first lesson, Asa was welcoming and uplifting which immediately put me at ease. He was able to pinpoint my driving weaknesses and bad habits within the first lesson and more going forward and patiently worked with me to address them. His feedback was always constructive and encouraging, and it was evident that his main goal was to make me a better, safer driver.

Throughout the process, Asa was remarkably attentive to my concerns and queries. He had a knack for understanding my nervousness, and his soothing demeanor helped me transform that anxiety into focus and concentration. It’s rare to find an instructor who is so genuinely empathetic and patient.

His lessons were designed with care and thoughtfulness, building my skills gradually while also preparing me for the realities of the road. Every session was a mix of learning, practice, and a healthy dose of laughter, making the learning process enjoyable.

The routes he takes are exactly what they will take you on during the test and he will point out the parts they are likely to ask you questions or do certain maneuvers.

Asa’s teaching didn’t just help me pass my test, it has made me a more confident driver who is ready to tackle the road safely and responsibly. If you’re looking for a driving instructor who cares deeply about his students and is committed to their success, look no further than Asa

Five stars for Asa. He’s a truly exceptional instructor, and I’m beyond grateful for his guidance and support. If you’re on the journey from learner to N license, Asa is your best bet!

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