My name is Asa Vitis, I am the owner and instructor at Burke Mountain Driving School in Port Coquitlam and have been an active driver for around 40 years. Throughout my life, I have always helped people in every way I saw fit, and specifically in coaching volleyball, which has always been in my blood. I wanted to continue coaching and working with people, but I wasn’t always sure about the best way to go at it. The idea came to me while listening to my favourite radio station while on a drive. There was an interview with an ex military general who wanted to continue contributing to society in his retirement, and by becoming a driving instructor, he felt that he had an active role in his community. I myself being an ex military sergeant was inspired hearing this, and that’s when it fell upon me that I could do the same.


I have helped dozens of students – young and old – since opening Burke Mountain Driving School in Port Coquitlam pass their driving exams with a passing rate of around 90% and with over 90% satisfied students. My personal goal is to help people improve their skills to prevent accidents on the road. My main method of instruction is coaching – not teaching – with patience for the individual needs of each one of my students.

I am very experienced in coaching and achieving goals as I previously trained athletes at the amateur and professional level. I also keep myself busy in re-familiarizing myself with the current driving rules and regulations to ensure the highest quality of service. Burke Mountain Driving School in Port Coquitlam is licensed under the Motor Vehicle Act and is Bonded and Insured.

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