I am so beyond happy and grateful that I choose Asa and Burke Mountain Driving School. I’m a 37 year old woman who has had a debilitating fear of driving since I was a teenager. Being a mother of two with another baby on the way I finally decided to face my fears so I could give more to my kids. I signed up for lessons with Asa after reading the reviews and thanks to his patient and straight forward teaching approach, I passed my first road test (with hardly any demerits!) at 37 weeks pregnant! Asa acknowledged my fear and respected it but would not let it hold me back and very quickly pushed me out of my comfort zone. His teaching method is calm and relaxed while ensuring you always know what you’re supposed to be doing and why. We also enjoyed good conversation and great music without detracting from the lessons! I felt fully prepared for my road test, as Asa took me to all of the same locations ICBC uses and so I knew what to expect which helped ease the nerves! Asa was always positive and honest with his feedback and I honestly don’t know that I would have passed my road test so easily, with the limited amount of lessons I was able to squeeze in between working full time and being a mom, had it not been for Asa. I will gladly recommend him to anyone I know and am so thankful for his time and patience.