Asa thoroughly goes through not just what’s in the road tests, but also driving with smoothness, safety and control. He teaches a methodical set of steps for each maneuver (like parallel parking) and mistake-correction that makes them quite straightforward. He also helped me get familiar with the common areas/routes for the road test. As an adult student I have had a learner’s for years but was always too nervous/scared to drive on a real street. Asa helped push me to drive on a real street for the first time. I took a total of 16 lessons and coupled them with practice sessions with my husband. You can also use the instructor’s car for your road test for an extra fee, which I did. For those who like music while they drive, Asa has a nice classical collection and classic rock collection. My personal favorites were the Scheherazade and Dvorak’s Slavonic Dances and New World Symphony. Thank you Asa for helping me pass my class 7 road test on the first try!

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