Asa from Burke Mountain Driving School helped me get my N on my first try! Over two years, I have taken 16 lessons. Not only was I taught how to pass the test, I was also taught how to drive smartly: smooth vehicle control, realtime problem solving, hazard perception, maneuvers, among many other skills. Asa is very professional, educational, and honest – if you make a mistake, he will tell you exactly what you did wrong; if you’re not ready for the test, he will help you develop a plan to achieve readiness. He may be percieved as strict, but his strictness is what enables you to take the criticism and improve upon it. He takes your safety and the safety of others very seriously. Asa is a very devoted teacher and supervisor. If you want a holistic and rewarding learning experience, and are ready to put in the time and effort into learning how to drive smartly, Burke Mountain Driving School is the perfect place for you.

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