Thanks Asa! When I first got my L, Asa was there to teach me everything I needed to know. He was very professional, kind, considerate and patient. I had an absolute blast with him (and his great music), very easy to talk to! I did a couple lessons with him in 2018 and I was able to learn everything I needed very quickly. I credit that to his fantastic teaching skills. I wish I could have gotten a couple lessons in before my N test today, unfortunately I was to late and they were all booked, Asa is a very popular man! I recommend booking much in advance to get a spot. Even though I didn’t have a tune up lesson with him before my class 7, I used the technique and skills he taught me at the beginning and passed today on my first try with only 1 small demerit. My parents and I are very pleased and glad that I had Asa as a teacher. I will forever use these skills in my future life. Overall I highly highly recommend Asa as a driving instructor, I will definatly be recommending his driving school to my friends and family! Thanks again!!!!!! Camellia