Just passed my N road test with ICBC, mainly thanks to Asa’s great help in preparing me and teaching me to be a good driver, following the rules of the road. Asa is an excellent teacher, and an excellent coach, a quality that seems to come naturally, and always is very patient and rigorous in his teaching. He teaches you everything required to pass the ICBC road test, making sure that there are no surprises when you do take it, but also teaches you how to be a great driver in the real world. Not only a great coach but a great person to drive with, and helped me get rid of my negative habits prior to my road test. Being a student, I also really enjoyed his pick up after school lesson system, where he would pick me up, I would do my driving lesson with him then I would drive my self home. I found this very convenient, and helped me stay focused during the lesson it self. His car is also very comfortable and user friendly, even for a tall guy like me, around 6 foot 5. I definitely recommend his driving school, I have no complaints what so ever, and am now a proud and confident driver on the road, with a bright green magnet on the back of my car.